Freelance Hiring Articles – Tips and Tricks 2018

Looking to hire freelancer but new to this kind of industry?
Here are some updated articles which you might find useful.

Aside from our top freelance sites reviews, we also have these informative articles that we’ve prepared to help you on what to look for in a freelancer and where to find them.

Need to Hire a Freelance Back-end Developer? Read This First

What are the key considerations when hiring a freelance back-end developer? A professional with a mix of skills and one that is responsible for the stability, security, performance and speed of your app? A back-end developer skills include database programming, server scripting, API programming, testing and integrations and middleware. T ... (Read More)

8 Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer to Run Your Facebook Ads

There has been a significant increase in the number of advertisers that are using Facebook ads and recent data has proven this. What’s the real story? As of this writi ... (Read More)

How to Hire a Freelance Cartoon Animator?

A freelance cartoon animator is a highly specialised job and most of these freelancers love their work. Their work ranges from creating drawings in freehand or assisted with computer software. Their work as a cartoon animator encompasses a wide spectrum in the industry from kid’s entertainment, games, movies, sports and lots more. ... (Read More)

How to Hire the Freelance Writer of Your Dreams in 6 Easy Steps

Hiring a freelance writer of your dreams is not as difficult as it may seem. You have a huge resource of the ‘pick of the crop’ on social media networks. Searches on Google will return more results than you can handle. You will have a choice of professionals from individual freelancers and agencies. Here’s the deal…………. ... (Read More)

Things to Consider Before Hiring Freelance Translators

“The Internet is in English” If you are searching for a translator to translate your content into your preferred language you will probably be faced with the dilemma whether to hire in-house or a freelancer. Hiring an in-house translator If you are a small company and need translating services you will need to conside ... (Read More)

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