How to Hire a Freelance Cartoon Animator?

By: Dale Shrader

2018-08-08 6 minute read

A freelance cartoon animator is a highly specialised job and most of these freelancers love their work. Their work ranges from creating drawings in freehand or assisted with computer software.

Their work as a cartoon animator encompasses a wide spectrum in the industry from kid’s entertainment, games, movies, sports and lots more.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of doing a little research about animation, techniques and styles so that you can envision what you are looking for, before you hire a freelance cartoon animator.

Make a list of the styles and techniques that have caught your eye, so that when you sit down with the potential candidate you can ask them for a demo reel of their work.

Why does this matter?

It’s best to get on the right foot in the beginning, this way you can determine if their style and techniques are in sync with yours.

Next you will need to make a budget and determine how much you are willing to spend. Their salaries vary from a 3D Animator whose job can command $60K to $97k for a Senior Animator. The cost is one of the top factors in considering freelancers vs. full-time employees and you'd be surprised with the huge difference or how much you can save.

The Interviewing Process

Request a demo reel- ask yourself if the work is visually stunning, good colour selection, innovative and in an exciting collaborative environment.

In fact, are you in awe of their work? (if not, it might be best to keep looking for another cartoon animator).

Let’s face it, their passion and style should be exciting and an inspiration, so look for ‘the passion’.

freelance cartoon animator

freelance cartoon animator

Now, review their portfolio does it have:

  1. The style you are looking for?
  2. What experience do they have?
  3. Have they worked with production applications, like Unity, Unreal, Maya, Motion Builder etc.?

Discuss with them, your expectations and ask for a time frame and whether they foresee any challenges. Ask them for their recommendations on how styles/techniques are best to reach your targeted audience.

Determine how they take constructive criticism by asking them:

  • Which is the best piece of work that they are proud of and why?
  • Who has been the biggest influence on their work and why?
  • Based on what you know now, what would you change?

How can you actually use this?

It will help you determine if they can look objectively at their work and are happy to learn and develop.

Bottom Line?

By making sure that the freelance cartoon animator understands your objectives and expectations and what you are looking for and is passionate about their work, you will have a valued member of your team.

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