Freelance Hiring Articles – Tips and Tricks 2018

Looking to hire freelancer but new to this kind of industry?
Here are some updated articles which you might find useful.

Aside from our top freelance sites reviews, we also have these informative articles that we’ve prepared to help you on what to look for in a freelancer and where to find them.

Why You Should Hire a Freelance Vs. In House Voice Over Artist

There are many advantages in hiring a Freelance voice over artist compared to having an In House employee. We will examine the pros and cons of both for consideration below. Hiring a Freelancer Pay Only for Time: You are only paying for the time that they are working. No Benefits to Pay: ... (Read More)

How to Find and Hire Quality Freelancers for Your Team

Hiring a freelance writer of your dreams is not as difficult as it may seem. You have a huge resource of the ‘pick of the crop’ on social media networks. Searches on Google will return more results than you can handle. You will have a choice of professionals from individual freelancers and agencies. Here’s the deal…………. ... (Read More)

Tips for Hiring a Freelance SEO Specialist

A Freelance search engine optimization (SEO) specialist has the expertise to increase traffic to your website and in today’s digital world of online marketing is a key component for your business. That’s not all……………… A ... (Read More)

Top 7 In-demand Freelancers Jobs to Hire

There were so many freelancers out there and they offer varying services too, but do you have any idea which freelancers nowadays make most money because they charge higher than the other? We prepared a list of freelancers who are making a considerable amount of money right now by offering their talent and specializations. As an entreprene ... (Read More)

6 Powerful Interview Questions for Freelancer Applicants

After posting a job, going through the sorting and evaluation process, it is now time for interview. The process is a critical part of hiring a new comers into your company. The interview phase will be the deciding factor if you will let the person join your team or you just have to let that person go. Interview plays an important role in the hirin ... (Read More)

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