Top 7 In-demand Freelancers Jobs to Hire

By: Brianna Gibbs

2018-08-08 9 minute read

There were so many freelancers out there and they offer varying services too, but do you have any idea which freelancers nowadays make most money because they charge higher than the other?

We prepared a list of freelancers who are making a considerable amount of money right now by offering their talent and specializations. As an entrepreneur who wants to grow their business online, you need to understand why these talented people are important to your business and why they charge higher fees. And why it is important to know more about hiring right freelancers for your team.

1. Voice-Over Artists

Voice over artists can work pretty everywhere if they want to. They can work on TV, on radio stations and other advertising stints but did you know that they are one of those rare talents who are in demand online?

A great voice with a good diction can give you a great sum of money as you get your portfolio better each time. Their clientele came from different industry who wants to put up their business online. They can do various works like audible readers, e-learning instruction, video game voices, telephony, dubbing works and animation dialogue. Those were just samples of how they get paid.

If you wanted to start your business by creating YouTube channels, informative, educational and entertaining video about your own business online, then you need a perfect voice over for that. The rate starts with $5 and could go up depends on the time they have to render their voice for you.

2. Video Editing Artists

Video editing is a grueling task to finish but it deliver an awesome pay if you really are good at it. You must be keen to details and must be able to showcase their artistic prowess via video editing.

freelance video editor

freelance video editor

Video editors gets paid higher by the output they hand over to their clients. Some editors charge a higher fee because the tools they are using for video editing are quite expensive and extensive too. To finish a well-profound video, one must have a keen eye on detail and very specific with all the details.

If you are eyeing for a full blast social media exposure, make sure you are equipped with nice and well-edited videos from video editors. The things is you need to prepare yourself for the rate they charges. Rate depends on the project and it could scale from $100 up to thousands.

3. Copywriters

Copywriters are one of the most in demand freelancers right now, along with is the salary the goes up every now and then. Not every day you can stumble upon an excellent copywriter online. There were applicants and freelancers bragging about their talents in copywriting so you have to make sure that you are hiring only the qualified ones.

Copywriters are important part of online business, you need their services to be able to write you some content or articles that promotes your brand online. They are the one responsible for slowly building the visibility of your business by writing for you. The rate depends on the number of characters per article. Some charge from $10 minimum and can charge up to a hundred per article which we find really lucrative.

4. Content Writers

Freelance content writers are not the same as copywriters. The main difference was that copy writers are writing content for promotional purposes of your business while content writers are the ones who are supplying you with the content. The content writers write articles and posts that could attract or start engagement from readers and viewers of your webpage.

freelance writer

freelance writer

They play a critical role and not every day you can hire expert content writers who you can easily work with. Avoid those who are just spinning articles for you, hire those who have proof of good work. Rate starts at $10 per content written and some charge by the number of characters so content writers do have a good source of income.

5. Software/Web Developer

Developing a webpage or a software is a tough job, the result of their analytic creativity and expertise will be the first preview of your client about your online business. Hiring software or web developers are not that easy too. There were too many but only few can deliver a good quality of work.

The very reason why a developer was important is that they need to keep tab of all the updates and upgrades of your website. You need them throughout so you need to keep them as long as your business is running. They are one key individual to keep your website or business growing.

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Some think that building up a site and doing your own promotion will work easily, but you are wrong. You need experts in Search engine optimization to keep your business in line with the advertising in Google and other search engines. They are the one responsible for giving your website the proper ranking it should for your niche.

SEO freelancers are the one silently working to keep all the contents and promotions at bay, and they will take care of your branding as long as you wish. The rates that they ask for depend on the processes and the ways they will work for you. Some SEO experts starts charging from $100 per task or even more.

7. Social Media Manager

After setting up your website, it's online promotion and stuff, you need to increase your business visibility in social media too. You need to hire or work with social media experts/managers to keep your business visible in the world of social media. They are the ones who are responsible for setting up all the social media accounts. And they are the gate keeper of those accounts for you. They are the one who will help you prosper you exposure in the social media.

SEO freelancer

SEO freelancer

The rate for social media managers are per project basis, basic starts at $100 per project or even more. So you can see how remunerative it was for them.

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