Compare the Best Freelance Sites for Employers 2018

Planning to hire a creative freelancer but torn between DesignCrowd vs Upwork? Here’s a quick and easy table that will allow you to match the essential features of these two online freelance marketplaces.

User Friendliness 87% 81%
Payment Methods Credit Cards, PayPal, Skrill Direct to Local Bank, ACH Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, M-Pesa
Communcation With Freelancers Yes Yes
Quality Of Support 85% 85%
Fees $79 posting fee depending on the project type 2.7% per payment or $25 per month
Total Score 86 82
While both sites scored well, we can now see the clear difference between DesignCrowd and Upwork. Both sites allow their users to communicate with their freelancers via their own platforms but the former had a much friendlier user interface and provides much better customer service while the latter scored better in the payment methods category. That was an intense fight but in the end, DesignCrowd won in this competition as the better choice for hiring a creative freelancer.
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What Do People Say About DesignCrowd?

Maria Haynes

I badly needed to hire someone who has a creative mind for my business. Good thing I found DesignCrowd and was able to get a lot of great ideas from their professional designers.

Jess Layton

My website was so outdated so I searched online for the best people to give it a makeover. DesignCrowd’s designers had the best and the most affordable services and I must say, I made the right choice.

Brandon Bowman

My business required people who have fresh and creative talent. Thankfully, I found DesignCrowd online which gave me a lot of new and exciting options.

Olympia Lee

The challenge of hiring graphic designers today is that most of their concepts are almost the same. I tried endlessly looking at different websites but only DesignCrowd was the only one that is able to bring new ideas to the table.

Bernie Trammell

When I started my business, I only had a limited budget to spare for hiring a graphic designer. Most of the websites that I found have extremely high fees but it was DesignCrowd that gave me affordable rates for a skilled freelancer. Thank you!

Janet Cote

Most of the artists that I've hired from DesignCrowd are gifted with creativity. What I like about best about their talents is that they know how to get the job done and will even give you their personal inputs or suggestions to make it better.