Why You Should Hire a Freelance Vs. In House Voice Over Artist

By: Samuel Cramer

2018-08-08 4 minute read

There are many advantages in hiring a Freelance voice over artist compared to having an In House employee.

We will examine the pros and cons of both for consideration below.

Hiring a Freelancer

Pay Only for Time:

You are only paying for the time that they are working.

No Benefits to Pay:

There is no need to pay them any benefits such as, vacation, sick leave.

Save Money:

Save money on overheads, such as, desk space, computers and other professional equipment that is needed for their profession.

Not Limited Geographically:

You are more than likely able to find a Freelancer with a voice over that perfectly fits the voice over that you are looking for your project as you have a choice from thousands globally. Remember they are all vying for work, so you have a huge pool of professionals to pick from. I found that dozens of voice over artists in Fiverr are more talented than those from other freelance sites, check the Fiverr review to know how to hire excellent voice over artists.

What’s more...

Each project may require a different voice over, there is a huge pool to choose from Freelancers or you can use the same one that you chose before. You are not limited or tied down!

freelance voice over artist

freelance voice over artist
Easy to Communicate

Today it is easy to communicate with Freelancers via social media, skype, WhatsApp, email and other apps. Most Freelancers work full time and are readily available during working hours. So whether you need to talk face to face or just a quick message there are no obstacles in communicating.

Also, a Freelancer is not tied down to regular office hours, they can work at night and on the week-ends. So if you require your voice over quickly they are able to deliver a faster turnaround (which may require an additional charge).


When You Hire an In-house Voice Over Artist

You are required by law as any other full time employee to pay benefits, vacation, sick leave, travel and in some cases pension. They also work a set number of hours in a day.

They will need office space, a desk, computer etc.

Plus, if you take into consideration that they are probably local (which ties you down) and may not match the desired accent you are looking for in your project.

Bottom Line?

Taking all into consideration, it is easy to see that a Freelancer is much more cost effective and comes with so many more advantages than an In-house Voice over artist.

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