What You Should Know About Hiring Freelance Designers

By: Anthony McClung

2018-08-08 8 minute read

At the end of the day it all comes down to reaching potential customers by building your company’s image, with great visuals, it is a potent marketing tool. First impressions is very important and can make you stand out from the crowd or not, there are no second chances.

From your company’s logos, package design of products and your website layout, these will all project your company’s image. That is why hiring a freelance designer is critical for your company’s future, they have the power to bring the ‘wow’ factor into the equation for first timers visiting your site.

A Freelance Graphic Designer Could Be the Answer for Certain Projects

Freelance graphic designers are professionals and an essential marketing tool. They can be an investment for your business for certain projects, as they are cost effective and can have a huge impact on your business bringing expertise and credibility with their visually beautiful designs.

designs of freelancers

designs of freelancers

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Potential Freelance Designer

Here’s the deal………..

There are a number of key considerations:

  • Have a plan and create a roadmap with an overview, which would include time frames of when you expect to see a first draft and finally the deliverable product. Make sure to include internal feedback, this also takes a certain amount of time.
  • Budgeting - Understanding your expectations of how much money the project is likely to cost you. Itemise what you want for instance, A Website, a brochure and so forth with budgetary figures.
  • Dimensions or sizing – Before sitting with your designer you will need to know the file format and sizing dimensions you will require for file sharing, emails etc. that are sent to the printer. By providing some details the designer will have some kind of guideline to work around for the final deliverables.
Finding the Right Designer

Hiring a freelance designer can be painlessly achieved by using the internet, social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all excellent resources to start with. You may also check with popular online marketplaces like Fiverr to scout for designers with different expertise. Put the word out and be specific about what you are looking for example, someone for web design, print graphics etc.

You can also look for designers going through agencies, of which there are a wide variety on the internet. You will be able to sort through their lists and identify the right one that meets your criteria and project needs.

Hiring the Right Designer for the Right Job

You might have some questions to ask before hiring a freelance designer and it's ok. Request a portfolio of previous work that the designer has done and consider how their work is suited for your project. It may be visually stunning and creative for web design, but not suited for a flyer or brochure. Ask him or her to come up with a design that fits the parameters of your project and see how it aligns with your needs.

looking for freelance designer

looking for freelance designer

A Designer needs to understand your expectations and your visions that will reflect and project and your company’s image. Giving them a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t work will help them to focus.

You will discover that by giving them a clear picture at the outset, will save time, energy and cut costs in the long run!


Discuss when and how often you wish to communicate with your designer, they might very well live in another time zone. Also establish how, emails, skype, messaging or any other means that is mutually convenient.

You will need to be able to know when they will be available to discuss issues on an ongoing basis until the project is finished.

Now that you have an action plan and are ready to interview the individuals from your short list who fit all your criteria, setup an interview.

Discuss all the points mentioned above and get to ‘feel them out’ and see if you can work together. Ask them how they would like to communicate and what kind of feedback would be helpful during the design process. Emailing works well as they have a reference that they can refer back to if needed.

The next Step

Now that you have found the perfect freelance designer who fits your needs, the next step is to discuss payment and an agreed upon rate.

Cross all the T’s and Don’t your I’s, on the payment structure on paper so there is no misunderstanding later on. State if it is for hourly work or completion of a contract, keep it simple whilst being clear on payment and terms.

That’s not all...

Sole Ownership

As an employer you should also state in the contract that you have sole ownership of the final design assets.

Bottom Line?

Create a harmonious working relationship, based on mutual respect. When sharing feedback be direct, honest and considerate and express admiration and encouragement to your Designer.

The better the working relationship, the better quality of the final product at the end of the day.

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