Top 6 Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer Online (2018)

By: Jared Holland

2018-07-25 8 minute read

Among the top reasons why many prefer to go freelance is that they have the flexibility of setting their own working hours and from home, a privilege that is rarely experience with a regular job.

So the big question is how do businesses and companies benefit from the services of remote talents? Is there really a huge benefit from hiring someone who could be physically located halfway around the globe than having an in-house team of employees?

In this article, we’ll list down the top reasons why more and more companies are embrace flexible teams to get the work done.

1. It can save you money

This is probably one of the most common reasons that you might hear why employers are considering remote workers as part of their workforce.

It’s not actually their hourly rate which can save you on the costs but the regular employee benefits which you don’t have to cover anymore such as health insurance, social security, retirement funds and others.

You can also remove the costs on paying for office space rentals since your remote talent will be working from home and that’s no longer your responsibility.

That’s not all…

Since they will be utilizing their own resources, you don’t have to set a budget for supply costs as well and even if you’ll be required to allot one, the expenditures are much cheaper.

2. You have access to a worldwide pool of talents

When hiring for an in-house employee, you’ll usually select from a limited pool of talents since you’re probably be getting applications from people who are living near your office or those who agree to be relocated.

On the other hand, hiring freelancer will allow you to have access to a much wider pool of talents since most hiring sites like Outsourcely have a global reach. These are people who won’t have to think about their physical location since they don’t need to report for work in an office.

3. They require low level of supervision

Ask any employer who’s currently commissioning the work of a remote worker if they need to check on their frequently. Most of them will probably say that freelancers require less supervision for a very basic and simple reason: they need to keep up with your standards in order to get paid.

Also, it’s most likely that they already had previous experiences and have the expertise of handling projects intelligently hence they are more independent than the usual 8-to-5 job.

4. They are more flexible in doing other tasks

If you’ve experienced handling an in-house team then you’d probably know how hard it is to get your employees to fulfill tasks that are new to them. Freelance workers are more adaptable to changes and can do an entirely different task even on a short notice.

Moreover, most of them have more skills and experiences and this makes them capable of providing a spectrum of services as compared to a regular employee who is usually an expert on a specific field or can handle limited tasks only.

5. There are less risks involved

When you hire an independent contractor online, you’re technically not hiring an employees. This means your business is actually less prone to risks

Look: First of all, they are not covered by unemployment insurance and you can easily terminate their services should you see that their work quality or performance has not met your standards. With a traditional office setup, you can’t easily let go of an employee due to their rights which you need to abide with by law.

6. High quality of work is more consistent

Some employers are apprehensive of hiring remote talents due to the fear of low quality of work which could can cause their business to fail.

Here’s the deal:

In reality, most freelancers are very keen in nurturing relationships with their employers because they are fear of losing their jobs. This industry has grown tremendously and this economy is growing more robust by the day. Their population in the global workforce is increasing particularly in the US where more millennials want freelance careers.

This in turn gives them more passion to provide high-quality work and keep up with the standards of their remote employers so they will be able to have a steady flow of income. A regular employee on the other hand is less dependable in terms of delivering quality on a consistent level.

What’s the real story?

The thing is, a remote talent is distinctively driven to deliver stellar excellent results with faster turnaround times because they are always on their toes to impress their employers.

These are just some of the many reasons why more and more companies including the large ones are now relying on the services of freelance talent. If you’re planning to hire one, go head and see how convenient and promising it is to have a remote team of experts that are ready to deliver exceptional results for your business.

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